Our services

  • Organization of trips by kayaks, kanoes, boats
  • Touring and water inventory rental
  • Transportation service (bring you to begining of the route and when you finish your kayaking, bring you back to the place, where you stay)
  • Bathhouse on the wheels rental


(recommend for beginners and those, who are kayaking with children)
All Vilnius‘s citizen and visitors from other countries we offer to discover Lithuanian capital from Neris river side. We guarantee you will see another Vilnius city
Plaukimas Nerimi


(recommmend for people, who have experience in kayaking)
If you want to get a sharp impression, we recommend Vilnele river (many break of trees, meanders and unforgettable sights in Sereikiškių Park).
Plaukimas Vilnele
There are great number of interconnecting lakes and rivers in another places of Lithuania(Aukstaitija National Park, National Park of Dzukija and other), where you can spend your time on water-hiking. Also, we can help you to choose kayaking route, provide detailed kayaking route map with links where to stop, stay for a while or spend all night.


After kayaking, we can offer buthhouse on wheel, which we bring to end point of route.
Pirtis ant ratų

Late evening or night kayaking

You will discover Vilnius city at nightfall
Naktinis plaukimas Nerimi
Kayaking.lt team wish you to spend your leisure time perfectly, kayaking in Lithuania